Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture Pieces in Sherman Oaks

Moving furniture can give anyone headaches and stretch nerves to maximum. But before you start lifting and pushing all around the house there are some movers companythings that you should be aware of:

  •  Start the whole move as early as possible. Delaying the process till the last very minute is never a good option.  In most cases there are always other things that occur and plans must be changed. Having extra time will permit further modifications.
  • Evaluate the whole load first. Heavy furniture weight a lot and someone should reconsider about vehicles and packing products before they can actually start the move. Do not overload your car and boxes.
  • Use solid boxes and containers for transporting items.  Fill the gaps within so the object inside would not move. It is recommended to apply polystyrene, foam or wrapping bubbles to protect delicate items from road shocks.
  • If it is possible, disassemble heavier furniture items into smaller component parts.
  • For each part labeling is very important. Try to place relevant labels on each such part. It is important not to lose or misplace your items.
  • Use ramps or platforms for stair lifting. Also, heavier furniture items can be moved later with a crane, inside the vehicle.
  • Use a truck instead of vans if load is too heavy for them.
  • Always watch out where you step and try to minimize the risk of getting yourself injured.  Your life is more important than the value of items, so do not try risky moves.
  • Choose the best route to destination. Using a GPS for plotting the shortest route will save you lots of vital time.

Sherman Oaks moving companies can help you pack and transport items faster than a regular person will do.  All the things mentioned above can be accomplished by a team of trained, experienced workers, able to give quality services.

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