How to Find Affordable Rent When Moving in Los Angeles

Los-Angeles_moving-300x201Los Angeles is one of the most sought after city to live in. It offers numerous entertainment, education and job opportunities. The only problem here is the pricing.

Everybody knows that LA is one of the most expensive cities, even by the American standards.  Even affordable housing is hard to find in LA, due to laws recently adopted by the Senate. Although odds are not that great, you should never renounce. We can tell you more about how to find affordable rent when moving in Los Angeles.

If you are looking for affordable rent, then you should stay away from central, metropolitan districts. Housing here costs tons of money, since people living here are surrounded by shops and companies of big brands. Also, several districts in LA are considered residential areas and are usually inhabited only by the rich and famous.  So, you should pick a map of LA and mark the districts inaccessible to your budget.

The new density bonus law (Senate Bill 1818) states that developers can build bigger buildings only if they set aside some units for affordable housing for people with moderate or low income.  This law may work in your favor and you should search for the newly finished community housing projects and check prices.

The prices vary a lot, depending on location, surface and facilities.  For example, you can find a 250 sqft apartment, on Wilshire Blvd, at as low as $750/month.

If you are planning to work here, you should first search for affordable apartments near your working place. Again, search first for newly finished housing projects. And if you do not want to pay real estate agents to help you find affordable housing, use some specialized websites that present rental announcements.  Just be aware of rental scams and make sure to sign a contract before moving in.

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