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We all have and need special electronic devices. IT equipment has made our lives easier and more pleasant. We can cook faster, we can relax while enjoying a movie in front of a big plasma-TV and we can all have fun playing video games.  All these devices are very expensive and you must provide them adequate protection during a move. Computers, TVs, audio systems, kitchen appliances are all fragile and need special conditions during aRead more

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You cannot move a house without breaking a few eggs… or dishes or a television set? It is not common, but unfortunately it happens! Many people suffered because of the recklessness of some moving companies and had their objects damaged and sometimes even stolen! Sometimes, it is not even the company’s fault as objects can bump into each other during transportation and get damaged. These things happen and there is nothing you can do toRead more

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During our lifetime we have to move in another location, whether for personal or professional reasons.  In both cases we take with ourselves large amounts of items and equipment.  All we need to survive and to feel comfortable must be packed and transported to the designated location. Many persons underestimate the amount of time required for packing and all other tasks necessary for the full relocation.  We are confident on our strength and we thinkRead more

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