5 Moving Tips for Moving Plants in Los Angeles

Decorum Plants_handelYou probably want to take the plans with you in the new home. The only problem is how to keep them safe during the transit. Call Los Angeles movers if you want to ensure maximum safety for your plans and other belongings.  We offer you these simple 5 moving tips for moving plants in Los Angeles.

1)      Organize the plants transfer with 2-3 weeks ahead the move day. You will need to schedule the plant repotting, buying plastic pots, buying adequate boxes and other materials. It will also give you room to research about transport conditions. Some plants need special temperature and humidity conditions.

2)      Repot plants with 3 weeks before the move date. You should use plastic, unbreakable pots.  Transfer the plant from clay pots to those plastic pots. It is recommended to use plastic pots of the same size; otherwise the plant will be harmed.

3)      Clean the plants before you move. Again, you will need to do this task with some time ahead. Pruning the plants makes them more attractive, healthier, compact and easier to transport.  Do not prune plants like cactus, aloe or jade plants.

4)      Investigate the plants for parasites and harmful insects.  First do a visual check of the plants. Also, dig the soil a bit and extract small samples. If you find any insect, bug or parasite, you must remove it. If they are too many, use insecticide, but be very careful not to use too much chemical substance.  You just want to kill the bugs, not to kill the plants.

5)      Pack the plants properly. Use old bed sheets or tissue paper for larger plants. This will help branches not to break.  If needed, place paper in boxes, around the base of each pot.

There are many other things to do when moving plants. If you want competent moving services for your plants, hire us.  Visit our Homepage!