5 Essential Moving Supplies to Have When Moving in Los Angeles

moving_suppliesIf you consider moving in LA, search for affordable LA moving services. Furthermore, you should consider buying these 5 essential moving supplies:

1)     Boxes. They are the basic elements of any relocation. This is where you place most of the cargo. It is a must for all boxes to be intact and as sturdy as possible.  Cardboard boxes can be easily obtained from various retailers or you can bargain from them with the managers of big companies who regularly send shipments to local stores.

Buy boxes of all sizes, because you will need to store various categories of items. For more fragile items, buy double walled boxes.  It would be really useful if you kept the original boxes of various appliances and electronic devices.

2)     Sealing plastic bags. They are ideal for storing tubes with creams or bottles of medicine. In fact they are ideal for anything containing liquids, because they are waterproof.  Nuts, bolts and other small components can be stored in sealing plastic bags. Just do not forget to label correctly the bags.

3)     Plastic covers. Use plastic covers for sofas, armchairs, couches and heavy furniture items. Secure the cover using strong straps.  This will prevent moisture and dust to accumulate during the transit and damage the cargo.  All upholsteries must be protected by plastic covers.

4)     Cushioning materials. In order to better protect your items during transit, you must buy adequate materials.  The best materials are: bubble wrap, packing peanuts, Styrofoam and polystyrene foam.

5)     Labels. Labeling is considered one of the crucial elements of any relocation. It helps you and the hired mover to better place a box in the cargo hold. If you do not have time to label all boxes with markers, you can purchase pre-made labels from local office supplies store.

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