Tips On How To Wrap And Move A Piano Or Other Heavy Instruments!

No one can describe the beautiful mmoving a pianousic made by a violin or piano. These musical instruments touch our hearts with their exquisite sounds. No wonder that any musician is proud of its instruments and wants to keep them safe. A musician usually travels to different cities in order to play on various concerts. Musical instrument must be relocated from concert to concert and we recommend using only advised professional movers.  Do not skimp to ask for moving services in Sherman Oaks. We also want to give you some tips on how to wrap and move a piano or other heavy instruments:

–  Plan all the steps of your move before you can actually start. You must choose an optimized path for moving your instruments. Removing all obstacles in the way is mandatory. Have a clear path and a dry floor, to avoid any slip. If you have a concert schedule, inform the movers when you will need the instruments and exact location. Also, let them know if some instruments need special condition. For example some instruments are sensitive to temperature or humidity and must be kept in special containers. Close the keyboard lid before you start moving the piano.

–  Use adequate packing supplies.  Piano is a massive instrument and requires many supplies. You will need lots of blankets and layers of bubble wrap for padding.   Use packing tape to hold all the padding materials in place. Buy a furniture dolly to help you move the instrument around.  Heavy-duty straps are necessary if you want a better grip on the instrument. Again, you will need to contact some crating services if you want bigger containers or boxes for your instruments.

–  Do not work alone. Packing and moving heavy instruments is not for the weak and if you play at those instruments with your hands, you must take good care of them. Damaging your hands can in most situations be the end of your musical career. Also, you can slip the piano and permanently damage your back. Lifting a piano in the right position for moving requires at least 4 persons, so working alone is not only not recommended, but also impossible.

Our company has a ten years experience and we have worked before with musical instruments. We know how to properly pack them and what tools to use. If you want help, contact us. Click here!