Sherman Oaks Movers Offer Tips On How To Pack And Move A Bathroom

Packing a bathroom can be one of the most difficult tasks during relocation. If you do not hire a professional mover, you may consider reading first some suggestions and stockpile packing and wrapping supplies. There are many items and accessories that need to be packed and carefully placed in sturdy boxes.

bathtub_greenSherman Oaks movers company offer tips on how to pack and move a bathroom. But if you find all the tasks time consuming and exhausting, you are always welcomed to contact a moving company or at least talk with specialists.

1)     Sort your bathroom items. If you decide to buy new soaps, toothpastes, shampoos for the new bathroom, you can dispose the old ones. Usually a bathroom is filled with many bottles, sort them out.  In order to sort your toiletries you must set aside everything that is used daily and throw away empty bottles or bottles with old content.

You must also decide which bathroom accessories to take and which ones to throw.  It would be best to have especially dedicated “cleaning box” where you can place all the bathroom cleaning supplies.  Group together items of the same category and place them in the same box or in similar boxes. You can have boxes for body creams, perfumes, soaps, shower gels, hair balsams, and shampoos.

2)     Packing the items.  Set aside daily essential items and medicine.  Keep liquids in leak-proof containers. Use a small plastic bag/box to store all the medicines and first aid supply. Keep that box/bag close to you during the move. Fold all the bath towels and dishcloths and place them in durable plastic bags. Toiletries must be packed in small, durable boxes.

Choose high quality boxes, which do not present any structural damage.  Label the boxes.  Place the boxes containing lighter items (rugs, rags, towels) on top of the boxes with heavy items.  Other accessories like brushes, makeup and hair accessories should be placed in small plastic boxes.

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