Los Angeles Moving Company Provides Tips For Packing Expensive IT Equipment!

We all have and need special electronic devices. IT equipment has made our lives easier and more pleasant. We can cook faster, we can relax while enjoying a movie in front of a big plasma-TV and we can all have fun playing video games.  All these devices are very expensive and you must provide them adequate protection during a move.

electronics_movingComputers, TVs, audio systems, kitchen appliances are all fragile and need special conditions during a move.  Los Angeles moving company provides tips for packing expensive IT equipment.

1)      Make a list with all the devices.  You will need to know exactly what you will be transporting.  This will help you decide how many boxes you should buy and the right quantity of wrapping and packing materials.  Check if you have the user manuals, since they will tell you more about the devices and if there are certain conditions for moving them. Manuals can also tell you if it is better to dismantle a device (if it has modular components) or not.

2)      Check if you have the original boxes. It would be extremely useful if you kept the original boxes and they are can be reused. Also, if the original foam sheets are intact, use them, since they were designed specifically for that item.

3)      Shut down the devices. After that you can unplug all the cables. First unplug the power cables and after that the cables to peripheral devices. If there are too many cables, you should label them with a piece of masking tape.

4)      Protect the monitors. Some monitors can be really heavy so, you must pay attention to lifting and transporting the monitor. Use shock resistant insulation- Styrofoam popcorn or multiple layers of bubble wrap.

5)      Always double check if you do not have USBs plugged in the devices or CDs, before packing the CPUs.

There is an entire strategy for packing IT devices and you should really ask for appropriate help. Our company provides top quality moving services. Visit us!